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By AWC’s FAWCO rep, Jonelle Lemcke (jonelle@lemcke.dk).

The big FAWCO news for this month is in planning for the Biennial Conference, which will take place in Bratislava, on 23–26 March with the theme of “Stronger, Better, Together”. See the details and links published on the FAWCO homepage. Please review the materials and let me know if you have questions, comments or would like to attend.
The Conference will elect new boards for both FAWCO and The FAWCO Foundation, and announce the new three-year Target Project on the environment, and the winners of the Foundation’s Education Awards (scholarships) and Development Grants. In addition to the meeting itself, there are fun tours before and after it.
Further, The FAWCO Foundation holds its major fundraiser on the Saturday night of the Conference. This year’s theme for the evening is “There is Value in Vintage: Old is New Again”.

The terrific live and silent auctions are also part of the fun. Get more information on how to bid and how to buy raffle tickets for the FAWCO Friendship Quilt – which has numerous squares made by our own Veronique Pascal – on the Foundation homepage. Even if you are not in attendance, you can place a bid on auction items through registering on One Cause bidding portal. If you aren’t able to register at One Cause and you still want quilt raffle tickets, contact Mary Stewart Burgher (30506356; emessbe@yahoo.com) about getting them. More details will be available in next month’s Chronicle.

Looking for interesting material to surf? Check out FAWCO’s website, review its archive of articles or sign up for the various newsletters. Join a committee!!

AWC Denmark’s Green Team is currently working on an idea for the spring/summer involving understanding and supporting bees and their habitats in our environs. Those of you who like honey and mead, stay on the lookout! More on this next month.

The next issue of FAWCO’s online magazine, Inspiring Women, comes out on 2 February, entitled: Inspiring Women, Evolving to Maturity, Fabulous, Fun and Fierce. The first issue of 2023 celebrates and elevates maturity: what it means to get to that point in your adult life where you either choose or are forced to make a pivot. The profiles highlight women who have made their choices, and they SHINE. These women have a lot to say: the great, the bad, the serious and the saucy! The issue also features the city of our upcoming conference hosts, Vienna and a great article on our club in Antwerp. A link to the new issue will be posted on AWC Coffeeshop on 2 February. I will send the link to you personally, if you contact me. All past issues are available to read on the Inspiring Women page on FAWCO’s website.

Remember that all AWC Denmark members are automatically FAWCO members. This gives you free access to all the resources on the FAWCO website, but you have to register to use them freely. Contact Jonelle for help, or register today! You’ll be glad you did.









Jonelle Lemcke

FAWCO Rep. Jonelle Lemcke