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May has arrived and like many, I’m looking forward to planning this year’s garden now that we can expect frost-free nights. Believe me, I have wasted my share of time, money and energy by planting too early in April. I’ve learned to wait, despite some nagging from others. Surprisingly good plant bargains can be found at local supermarkets and Torvehallerne (Copenhagen Food Halls) above Nørreport Station, offers a top-quality nursery selection.
Days are warmer, restrictions are loosening, but let’s keep our guard up. Continue to review the current Corona situation and restrictions… in English… on this site: https://en.coronasmitte.dk/. You will find some ideas below that will help you to ease out into the world again and enjoy the season!

Some of you reading this are long-term AWC Denmark members, but have never actually joined FAWCO. There are so many benefits to membership in this international organization. I can help you fill in the application… it takes 10 minutes and I will send it on for you. Recently, one of our AWC members mentioned getting lost on the FAWCO registration page because of its ads and wealth of information. Everything is easy when you know how; I’ll help you to cut through the underbrush. Contact me.

Here are some new suggestions for May 2021:

  • Did you check out FAWCO’s excellent online Environment Festival that began on Earth Day (April 22) and ran through the weekend? Stay tuned to our Facebook page, AWC Coffeshop, because some of the workshops may be repeated. Even if you missed the Festival, you can stay on top of the activities of FAWCO’s Environment committee on FAWCO’s website: https://www.fawco.org/global-issues/environment
  • Follow, check in daily and contribute to our Facebook page, AWC Denmark Coffeeshop 
  • Check out FAWCO’s Resource page for Covid-19
  • Interested in wine, but want to learn more? Check out Vivino online or install the app. https://www.vivino.com/DK/en  I have the app on my phone and use it regularly to evaluate wines on supermarket shelves or those I have an interest in. 
  • Interested in excellent take-away and eventually discounts at top restaurants? Try Earlybird online or install its app. https://www.earlybird.dk/en  I give it top marks!
  • Want to be among the first who knows about interesting events in town? Try Migogkbh… sorry but this one’s only in Danish. https://migogkbh.dk/ 
  • Mother’s Day is almost here. Send a card to Mom and to others, who in the course of the month, who might enjoy a postcard or letter.
  • Need help organizing ideas, all these websites and information in general? I highly recommend Evernote. https://evernote.com/intl/en/ You can start off with a free version, that works very well!
  • What about some soothing sounds? A friend once said that if you want to know a person’s age, ask them what specific music/songs they would want to have if stranded on a desert island. This is a great icebreaker because we live in time warps… most people choose a couple songs that were important to them in their teens, twenties and thirties. I’ve relived a lot of music in this difficult year and I’ve found that Spotify is the best source. They have the largest archive with the least rules. Go for the free version and make lists that include your old favorites. Premium is not necessary unless you want the bells and whistles. www.spotify.com 
  • Need help, yourself? Someone to talk to? Contact us at AWC.
  • Telecommunicate with family and friends via phone and computer. What are these folks doing and experiencing? Maybe you’ve thought about looking up some old friends… why not now? Write good, old-fashioned letters; send them. 
  • Feel gratitude. We, in Denmark, are still in a privileged situation. What we experience here can give hope to others in more difficult situations.
  • Stay positive.  J

Stay safe and stay in touch!

Remember that AWC members are automatically FAWCO members, but you have to register. Contact me or register today if you have not done so already at https://www.fawco.org/

FAWCO May book discussion

If you haven’t been to the FAWCO website (https://www.fawco.org), visit it and create a login – this gives you access to a range of information and events. For example, FAWCO’s Global Issues Health Team invites you to join us in a FAWCO-wide book discussion ‒ open to all interested members. The book this time is: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Welcome to this interactive Virtual Book Discussion on Wednesday, May 19 at 7-8:30 PM CET. Please register to join the Discussion at this Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEqcu2prTMqG92UhlinCgoioSxGP-QDvZG1

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Here is an article written by Health Co-Chair Christine Riney: The Immortal Cancer Cells of Henrietta Lacks (https://www.fawco.org/global-issues/health/health-articles/4484-immortal-cancer-cells-the-hela-cell-line).










Jonelle Lemcke

FAWCO Rep. Jonelle Lemcke