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This month’s content will be long because a very important message needs to go out to all of you concerning scholarship monies from the FAWCO Foundation that you or your family members may be eligible for. Make special note of the award being offered by our own Mary Stewart Burgher! The deadline is January 27, 2019. http://www.fawcofoundation.org/

Feel free to contact me (Jonelle Lemcke at fawco@awcdenmark.org) for more information!

FAWCO Update: Education Awards

The Education Members Awards have been expanded for 2019. We’d like to announce:

  • The return of the Shirley Kearney University Study Degree Award for continuing or resuming studies in an undergraduate or graduate level university degree program.
  • The addition of the Continuing Education Award, sponsored by Mary Stewart Burgher, in memory of Pauline "Pete" Arnold Schweppe. This is for a FAWCO, FAUSA member or FAWCO individual member to further their education at university or an equivalent level through courses, workshops, and certificate programs. Subjects can encompass all areas of interest—inter alia, journalism, writing, the arts, and philanthropy—excluding science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and medicine subjects.
  • The inclusion of the field of medicine to the Women In STEM and Medicine Award, sponsored by the former AWA Dubai in memory of their 21 years supporting the international community in Dubai.
  • This covers the study of Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine disciplines, including the study of chemistry, computer and information technology science, engineering, geosciences, life sciences, mathematical sciences, physics and astronomy. There has been some significant revision of the application requirements for the EAs:
  • As of August 2018, there will be no application fees.
  • Applicants will no longer be required to submit their most recent fall school transcripts. For most European schools, fall grades are not given until January of the following year, creating anxiety and disappointment for those wanting to apply. This will also make students who have done a gap year eligible to apply as only the four most recent past semester/term transcripts are now required. Don’t forget: The Education Awards are merit-based. You don’t have to be a straight-A student to receive an award. More important is that you are a well-rounded person who also may have interests (sports, youth fire corps, volunteer work, Red Cross, etc.) outside of school.
  • And EAs are not only for US citizens.
  • If you are a member of FAWCO, FAUSA or are a FAWCO Individual Member, you are eligible to apply for Members Awards.
  • If your parent is a member of FAWCO, FAUSA or is a FAWCO Individual Member, you are eligible to apply for the Academic Awards.
  • If your parent or grandparent is a member of FAWCO or is a FAWCO Individual Member, you are eligible to apply for the Dual Cultural Award.

The deadline date for the Education Award applications is January 27, 2019.

We hope to have an outstanding number of applications in 2019!

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