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Hello All!

This month’s activity is FAWCO fundraising and has been described in detail by Mary Stewart Burgher, and you’ll find all details in Activities "Monthly Highlights".

We are hosting a Jane Austen Afternoon Tea on Saturday, October 28th. We promise lots of variety between the Austen lecture, a great afternoon tea in true British style, all followed by some games! All the proceeds go to our worthy cause: Hope Beyond Displacement

We look forward to seeing you there!.

Voting news for US citizens: take part in fall 2017 elections

Celebrate your right to vote, by registering now to ensure you can vote in US elections taking place in 2017. The next national election will be in 2018 – when the whole House of Representatives and one third of the Senate is up for election – but several special federal elections, and many state and local elections, take place in 2017. If you can take part in them, be sure you are registered to vote as soon as possible.

Remember that the law requires overseas voters to register afresh in every year in which they wish to vote. To get instructions and fill out the form, go to:

Did You Know That  ...

FAWCO offers AWC members’ children and grandchildren scholarships, as well as opportunities to explore the world with other young people. They do not need to hold USA passports to participate. See more about this on the FAWCO Foundation website.










Jonelle Lemcke

FAWCO Rep. Jonelle Lemcke