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FAWCO's online magazine profiles interesting club members across the FAWCO world. The profiles in this issue examine what makes people pick up their pens and articulate their thoughts and visions in a way that makes it mark on others.  

Their stories illustrate how FAWCO connects us!

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New FAWCO Foundation scholarship in 2019 – could you win one?

A new scholarship will be open to FAWCO and FAUSA members annually for five years, starting in 2019. Its working title (perhaps to be updated) is the Continuing Education Award in Memory of Pauline “Pete” Arnold Schweppe, and the idea is to fund further or continuing professional education.

Do you need to update your professional credentials, train for a new occupation or acquire more skills for your current job? If so, think about applying for the award in 2018, as it will be given for the first time in 2019. It will be open to FAWCO and FAUSA member on the usual terms (you will need to have been a member for at least a year).

In addition to being Mary Stewart Burgher’s mother, Pete Schweppe became a psychologist in her 50s, and Mary Stewart thinks the award will be the kind of memorial that her mom would have liked. In addition, Mary Stewart particularly hopes that the winners will come from AWC Denmark and/or other clubs in FAWCO’s Region 2 (Scandinavia and Russia). “After all,” she says, “our members are just as smart and proactive as all the other people in FAWCO. Why shouldn’t they win?”


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Did You Know That  ...

FAWCO offers AWC members’ children and grandchildren scholarships, as well as opportunities to explore the world with other young people. They do not need to hold USA passports to participate. See more about this on the FAWCO Foundation website.










Jonelle Lemcke

FAWCO Rep. Jonelle Lemcke