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By AWC’s FAWCO rep, Jonelle Lemcke (jonelle@lemcke.dk).

Free Webinar on preparing for university admissions in US/UK/EU

Two FAWCO Clubs (Paris and Amsterdam) are hosting a free webinar on preparing for university admissions in the US/UK/EU for international families. Two different dates are available: Tuesday, June 4th at 11:00am CET or Thursday, June 6th at 7pm CET. Registration information and links are on FAWCO’s site.  And remember to scan
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FAWCO members can join the State Department Federal Credit Union

FAWCO members can now join SDFCU, the State Department Federal Credit Union; designed to serve Americans overseas without the need for a US address or phone number. Information sessions on this opportunity are in the planning! This is a tremendous advantage for all of us. Sign into FAWCO’s site and read more here: https://www.fawco.org/us-issues/u-s-tax-banking/u-s-tax-banking-articles/4836-state-department-federal-credit-union-sdfcu-and-fawco

July 4th Activities and the Rebild Festival

AWC Denmark has its own time-honored tradition of a 4th of July barbecue/picnic and this year is no exception! More information is available in another part of The Chronicle. However, it may be that you find yourself in Jutland around July 4th. Are you familiar with The Rebild Festival? It’s an annual celebration of US-Danish Community since 1912 and one of the largest July 4th celebrations outside of the US. Queen Margaret II, herself, participated in Rebild’s celebration in 2022. https://rebildfesten.dk/en/events-all/   and https://rebildfesten.dk/en/. The area has a focus on Danish to USA emigration and provides numerous research opportunities on the subject: https://museumrebild.dk/english and https://www.aalborgstadsarkiv.dk/UA.asp?UA=UAEnglish . Many thanks to our Club member, Vibeke Lybro for providing details and information on this annual event. Let me know if any among you need more information.https://www.fawco.org/

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Jonelle Lemcke

FAWCO Rep. Jonelle Lemcke