AWC Cultural Award 2020


The award is offered every three years to an American citizen over 17 for a specific project or activity that contributes to cultural life in Denmark and is completed within a year.

The award was first given in 1970 and for a number of years was called the Arts Award. The name changed in 1986 to include the broader range of possibilities that the term Culture covers.

We have been able to help a great variety of cultural activities in the fields of science, literature, visual and performing arts crafts and furniture design. We have supported research and continuing education in many ways. This is the only award our club gives that will benefit Americans and Denmark directly.

Winner of the AWC Cultural Award for 2020 is Heather Spears

The AWC Denmark Board voted unanimously to give the Cultural Award, amounting to DKK 10,000, to longstanding member Heather Spears, artist and writer, to recognize her services to the club and her artistic achievements in the service of the community.

Canadian writer and artist Heather Spears was educated at the University of British Columbia, The Vancouver School of Art and the University of Copenhagen. She has 4 children. She has lived in Denmark and Canada since 1962.

An award-winning poet, she has published 15 collections of poetry and 5 novels. The Creative Eye, drawing, vision and the brain (reissued 2020 as a black-and-white drawing manual) is the first of a series on visual perception. She has 3 books of drawings: Drawn from the Fire, Massacre and Line by Line. Drawings from the Newborn, The Panum Poems and Required Reading contain both poems and full-page drawings. Her latest collection of poetry is I can still draw. She has illustrated numerous books and articles; draws at literary festivals, courtroom, dance, theatre and childbirth. Specializing in drawing children, in particular premature and other threatened infants, she exhibits and travels widely and has drawn in hospitals in the Middle East, Europe and America, as well as publishing the work she did in Rigshospitalet.

Heather has also hosted many AWC events at her gallery/home, “Northern Canada”, as well as displaying the artworks created by herself, and other artists from around the world.

Congratulations (and thanks) to Heather!

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