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This month kicks off AWC Denmark’s year-long celebration of our 90th birthday, both celebrating and adding on to 90 years of living our motto of “fun, friendship and philanthropy”. We start the celebration year with a banquet on May 22nd, and commemoratives throughout the next year.  

Celebrate with us, have fun and do good by taking part in AWC events. We offer you a full slate of activities; check out the calendar and choose those that interest you most. If you’re a Facebook user, stay tuned to the AWC Denmark Coffeeshop, our private group, for new activities and updated information.

AWC Denmark and our mother organization, FAWCO, are communities of love and caring, communities of people committed to improving our local and international environments. Sign up for the AWC Denmark Coffeeshop or FAWCO Region 2 Facebook groups, if you have not already done so; they immediately link you to a support network. If you need help with that – or have questions or suggestions about any event or activity – contact AWC’s FAWCO Rep, Jonelle Lemcke (jonelle@lemcke.dk) or any other member of the AWC Denmark Board, especially the President, Mary Stewart Burgher (3050 6356, emessbe@yahoo.com).

Celebrating AWC’s 90th Birthday: The Spirit of Volunteerism

A message from AWC Honorary President Sherry Leventhal

This May, the American Women’s Club marks its 90th anniversary.  For nearly nine decades, the members of this of this organization have worked tirelessly to promote mutual understanding between the United States and Denmark.  The club, with its motto, “fun, friendship, and philanthropy,” models some of the best values in American society and has provided a community of support for generations of women who have found themselves divided by an ocean from the country of their birth.

1934, the year the American Women’s Club was founded, marked the height of the Great Depression in the United States and the first rumblings of Nazi aggression which would overshadow Denmark for the next decade.  It was a time when ties of friendship and cultural exchange were of critical importance.  That the club should survive and flourish in such conditions is a testament to the spirit of its earliest members—a spirit of service and comradery which has continued into the twenty-first century.  The current efforts of the American Women’s Club, whether it be collecting books for schoolchildren in Ghana or sewing pillows for women affected by breast cancer, promote concrete dialogue with both our host country and the larger global community.

In tribute to the club’s long-standing involvement with the Missionaries of Charity in Nørrebro, I would like to end with a quote from Mother Theresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  The American Women’s Club has indeed made many positive ripples over the last ninety years.  My husband, Ambassador Alan Leventhal, and I extend our thanks and wish you continued success in your anniversary year.

AWC Denmark President visits Malmö

AWC President Mary Stewart Burgher hopped over to Malmö on 23 April to visit our sister club, the American International Club (AIC) Malmö. AIC is a lively bunch of about 110 women and men who have regular events and are FAWCO members, just as we are. Club President Dr Kirstin Kriz and FAWCO Rep Tania Mooseman had invited Mary Stewart to their monthly mingle event at a beautiful hotel in the city center, to talk about voting for US citizens. They gave her a warm welcome, and Mary Stewart took the opportunity to discuss possible joint events for the two clubs, as well as delivering AIC’s copy of FAWCO’s magazine Inspiring Women and talking with AIC members about a wide range of subjects. Mary Stewart had a great evening and would love to revisit Malmö and AIC soon. (She apologizes for having such a good time that she forgot to take any photos to share!

AWC Denmark donations to Target recognized

AWC Denmark has already contributed substantially to FAWCO’s Target Project, Awesome Blossoms. Take a look at the slideshow introducing Awesome Blossoms and illustrating the work it will do; FAWCO clubs aim to raise $140,000 for it by early 2025. The Flower Trellis (click on this link and scroll down to see it) measures our progress as we move towards our goal.
The AWC Denmark Board was delighted to be informed recently that sales of spring and holiday earrings in 2022 and 2023 (so far!) have raised a total of $1,345 for Awesome Blossoms. Our club proudly holds a place on the club donor wall: as a Tulip Donor.

Register Now to Vote in the 2024 US Elections

To ensure that you can vote in the 2024 US elections, pick your reason to register/request a ballot as early as possible in February:

  • to take the first step in your plan to ensure that you vote in 2024;
  • to ensure that you can solve any problems that may arise with your registration/request form;
  • to ensure that you can take part in your state’s primary election, as so many primaries take place in March and afterward;
  • to celebrate and promote US democracy and/or any of the big events in February: Black History Month (theme: “African Americans and the Arts”), Presidents’ Day or even Valentine’s Day.

Right away, go to your computer and fill out the form available on two safe, secure and nonpartisan websites – The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) and the US Vote Foundation – in order to register to vote/request a ballot.









Mary Stewart Burgher






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