Board work behind the scenes:

Saving money and AWC history and raising money for AWC charities

At the end of October, AWC finally closed its storage room near Svanemøllen; this will save the Club over 10,000 kr. per year, which we can devote to our philanthropic and other work.

“Closing the storage room” sounds simple and grand, but in fact meant long hours of hard and often dusty and sweaty work, to go through the heaps and towers of items in the room, discard outdated items, move and dispose of materials that could be sold or donated, and sort and store items that the Club will continue to use and/or that record our history.

This work – mostly by Board members Cyntheia Singleton, Ditte Lisbjerg, Mary Stewart Burgher and particularly President Clarice Scott – took place in the second half of 2019 and late in October, this team found themselves sorting and storing old AWC materials. The Board members examined and filed old copies of our newsletter. There were bound volumeswith copies of every issue of The Chronicle from 1964 to 1997, covering a bit more than a third of AWC’s 85-year history.

The team was rather awe-struck to reflect on the thousands of hours of work, by hundreds of women (and some men!), to have fun, make friends and make life better for people and groups in Copenhagen and beyond, that were summarized in the files and newsletters they preserved.

Items like crafts materials, amassed over some years, were given to Kofoeds Skole for their students’ use. With the help of AWC member Margaret Hunter (and her family car), the books, movies and music in storage were moved to the basement of Mary Stewart’s home, and the books then went to UN City, where they were sold in the marketplace set up for the celebration of UN Day, on 25 October. (She has yet to tote the movies and music to secondhand shops, hopefully to sell.)

The books raised 700 kr. for AWC charities – not bad when one considers the prices (10 kr. per book); the unsold remainder was donated to the UN City Staff Library. As well as Mary Stewart selling books, Cyntheia and Clarice sold jewelry and tombola items, raising over 2,500 kr. more. All three were deeply grateful to Board member Claude Lawson, who transported Clarice and Cyntheia and their wares to UN City and drove the weary but satisfied sellers home after the event.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out this important work!

Message for US citizens (from Mary Stewart Burgher)

2020 is here – register for US voting (and start club campaigns) now

Many people say that the USA’s 2020 election is the most important in a generation. Overseas Americans have both the duty to take part and the opportunity to make their voices heard more clearly than ever before. FAWCO members, FAWCO clubs and FAWCO itself can do much towards achieving this goal, and thus helping to shape the future of the US for years to come.

However much you can do, start by following the advice about oxygen masks in airline safety demonstrations: get yourself registered to vote before helping others to do so.
Act now. This enables you:

  1. To vote in primary elections (if you want to);
  2. To settle any problem that may arise with your registration (almost all such problems can be solved if there is enough time); and
  3. To help the maximum number of other Americans to register and vote also.

The text below lists options for action by FAWCO members and clubs, as well as FAWCO’s activities. Send questions or ideas to the FAWCO US Voting Committee (

What you can do as an individual

  1. Register to vote/request a ballot for the 2020 election with the US Vote Foundation. Send the registration form/ballot request to your local election official (LEO) according to the instructions that accompany it. Check your status with your LEO a few weeks after you register.
  2. Receive, complete and return your ballot. States are required to send out ballots 45 days before a regular election for federal office, and states generally send out ballots at least 30 days before primary elections.
  3. If your ballot for the general election does not arrive by 3 October 2020 (one month before Election Day, 3 November), return to the US Vote Foundation, and use the link on the registration page to fill out a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB). Send the FWAB to your LEO. If your regular ballot arrives after you have done this, vote and send it, too, and let the LEO official decide which one to count.
  4. Use every network and connection you have – your family, your FAWCO club, social media accounts, church, school, business, etc. etc. – to urge other Americans to register and vote.

Outreach can be as simple as including registration info and link in the signature to your emails, or listening for American accents in the grocery store and giving out pocket-sized handouts with voting information, as well as mounting a campaign with your club or other nonpartisan groups.







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