Looking Ahead

AWC calendar, May - July 2023

The calendar keeps changing as we plan more events – and our plans will depend in part on what COVID-19 does. So check out the calendar as you read each issue of the Chronicle, to be sure you can attend every event that interests you. See also the FAWCO online events – open to all members – listed on p. 8.
If you have questions about any of the events – or wish to suggest additions! – contact Mary Stewart Burgher (emessbe@yahoo.com, 3050 6356).


FAWCO online discussion of gender and pronoun usage

Fri, 5/5, 19:30

Watch party: coronation of King Charles III

Sat, 6/5, 10:30

Café Craft

Sat, 6/5, 10:30

Spiritual Exploration and Support

Mon, 15/5, 19:30

Stuffing party for heart pillows

Tue, 16/5, 14:00–16:00

Ladywalk (Our Secrets event)

Mon, 22/5, 16:00

Movie Group: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Fri–Sun, 26–28/5

Book Group: Still Life by Sarah Winman

Wed, 24/5, 14:00


Café Craft

Sat, 3/6, 10:30

Our Secrets Walk: Utterslev Mose

Fri, 9/6, 10:30

Garden Party: picnic in Kongens Have

Wed, 14/6, 17:00

Spiritual Exploration and Support

Mon, 19/6, 19:30

Stuffing party for heart pillows

Tue, 20/6, 14:00–16:00

Book Group: Burning questions: essays and occasional pieces by Margaret Atwood

Weekday TBD, 14:00


Independence Day barbecue

Sat, 8/7, 13:00

Stuffing party for heart pillows

Tue, 18/7, 14:00–16:00

Café Craft

Sat, 29/7, 10:30

Our Secrets Walk: rose garden in Valbyparken

Weekday TBD at 10:30